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Useful internet links

Listed below are various links that will take you to other areas of veterinary interest. Obviously we have not been involved in writing the associated web pages and therefore cannot vouch for the accuracy or value of their content. As you can appreciate ensuring all the following links are currently valid is a very difficult task If you find any links have gone astray please   let us know.


www.rcvs.org.uk RCVS The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
www.bva.co.uk BVA The British Veterinary Association
www.bvna.co.uk British Veterinary Nursing Association
www.bvha.org.uk The British Veterinary Hospital Association
www.defra.gov.uk Government (DEFRA) Homepage

www.thekennelclub.org.uk Caring for your dog (Kennel Club)
http://asab.nottingham.ac.uk/ Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB)
www.apbc.org.uk Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors
www.catgroup.org.uk Cat Group
www.the-kennel-club.org.uk Kennel Club
www.petadvisory.org.uk Pet Advisory Committee
www.pethealthcouncil.co.uk Pet Health Council
www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quarantine Pet Travel scheme
www.defra.gov.uk DEFRA
bris.ac.uk/acarus/welcome.htm Acarus at the University of Bristol
petairuk.com/ Pet Air UK

www.vmd.gov.uk VMD The Veterinary Medicines Directorate
www.vpc.gov.uk VMD The Veterinary Products Committee

www.beva.org.uk British Equine Veterinary Association
www.wcf.org.uk Worshipful Company of Farriers
www.equinedentistry.org.uk Equine Dental Technicians

www.bcva.org.uk The British Cattle Veterinary Association
www.svs.mri.sari.ac.uk Sheep Veterinary Society
www.npa-uk.org.uk/ National Pig Association
www.thepigsite.com The Pig Site
www.iah.bbsrc.ac.uk/bmc British Mastitis Conference  Details of conferences with papers on mastitis.
www.ndfas.org.uk NDFAS National Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme
www.nfu.org.uk National Farmers Union
www.rumnut.com Commercial ration formulation software
www.fishvetsociety.org.uk Fish Veterinary Society
www.goatvetsoc.co.uk Goat Veterinary Society
www.vetweb.co.uk/sites/deer.htm Veterinary Deer Society

www.bas-uk.com The British Alpaca Society
www.alpaca.co.uk British Camelids Association
www.alpaca.asn.au Australian Alpaca Association
www.flowerdalealpacas.net/library.php Alpaca Article Library
www.alpacaseller.com Alpaca seller
www.mvalpacas.co.uk Meon Valley Alpacas
www.camelidvets.org British Veterinary Camelid Society
www.allgoats.com/health.htm BRITISH GOAT SOCIETY: Goat Health
www.pygmygoatclub.org Pygmy Goat Club
www.npga-pygmy.com The National Pygmy Goat Association (USA)

www.vetschool.bris.ac.uk School of Veterinary Science, University of Bristol
www.vet.cam.ac.uk University of Cambridge Veterinary School
www.ucd.ie/vetmed University College Dublin Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
www.vet.ed.ac.uk Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh
www.vet.gla.ac.uk School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow
www.liv.ac.uk/vets University of Liverpool Veterinary School
www.vet.rvc.ac.uk The Royal Veterinary College, University of London

www.animalsinmind.org.uk Animals in Mind
www.dogshome.org Battersea Dogs Home
www.bluecross.org.uk Blue Cross
www.bva-awf.org.uk BVA Animal Welfare Foundation
www.caninepartners.co.uk Canine Partners
www.gurney.co.uk/pads/default.htm PADS
www.cats.org.uk Cats Protection
www.cawc.org.uk Companion Animal Welfare Council
www.dogaid.org.uk Dog AID (Assistance In Disability)
www.dogsforthedisabled.org Dogs for the Disabled
www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk Donkey Sanctuary
www.gdba.org.uk Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
www.hearing-dogs.co.uk Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
www.ncdl.org.uk National Canine Defence League
www.nationalpetweek.org.uk National Pet Week
www.parrotline.org.uk Parrot Line
www.petcare.org.uk Pet Care Trust
www.pdsa.org.uk PDSA
www.padsonline.org.uk People and Dogs Society
www.petsastherapy.org.uk Pets as Therapy (PAT dogs)
www.rspca.org.uk RSPCA
www.safehavenparrotrefuge.co.uk Safehaven Parrot Refuge

www.arachnology.org/Arachnology/Arachnology.html Arachnology home page
www.thebeardeddragon.org The Bearded Dragon
netvet.wustl.edu/birds.htm Birds on the Electronic Zoo
www.raptor.cvm.umn.edu Raptor Cente
www.safehavenparrotrefuge.co.uk Safehaven Parrot Refuge
www.vetnet.co.uk/chelonia.html Chelonians
www.britishcheloniagroup.org.uk British Chelonia Group
www.tortoisetrust.org.uk Tortoise Trust
www.slowcoach.org.uk Tortoises: Slowcoach
www.vetnet.co.uk/chelonia.html ChinNet Chinchillas on the net
www.netvet.wustl.edu/cats.htm Cats on the Electronic Zoo
www.fabcats.org.uk Feline Advisory Bureau
ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/GCCF_CATS Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
www.k9hydrotherapy.co.uk Canine Hydrotherapy Association
www.netvet.wustl.edu/dogs.htm Dogs on the Electronic Zoo
www.k9netuk.com K9netUK all-dog website
www.the-kennel-club.org.uk Kennel Club
www.nfws.net National Ferret Welfare Society
www.netvet.wustl.edu/ferrets.htm Ferrets on the Electronic Zoo
www.ferretcentral.org.uk Ferret central
www.ornamentalfish.org.uk Ornamental Fish
www.allaboutfrogs.org.uk Frogland
www.rodent.demon.co.uk/gerbils National Gerbil Society
users.bart.nl/~fredveen/gerbiluk.htm Gerbil information page
www.guinealynx.info Guinea lynx
www.hamsters-uk.org National Hamster Council
www.hedgehog.dircon.co.uk/hedgehogs Hedgehog Helpline
www.baskingspot.com/iguanas Iguana Pages
www.houserabbit.co.uk British Houserabbit Association
www.rngp.org Rabbit and guinea pig welfare
www.rspca.org.uk Rabbit info from RSPCA
netvet.wustl.edu/rabbits.htm Rabbits on the Electronic Zoo
www.nfrs.org National Fancy Rat Society
www.reptiletrust.com Reptile Trust
www.gekkota.com Global Gekko Association
www.the-lizard-lounge.com/ Lizard websites
netvet.wustl.edu/reptiles.htm Reptiles on the Electronic Zoo
www.wildlifeinformation.org.uk Wildlife Information Network Electronic library of information.


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